Information on Car Hire UK

October 26, 2008


Welcome to the new WordPress blog on Car Hire UK. Hopefully it will be useful to you.

We have been operating in the car rental’ industry for about eight years. During that time we have gained a great deal of expertise which am I happy to pass on to you.

There are a large number of car rental companies operating in the UK. Whether you are renting from an airport or from a city location you will be faced with a great number of car rental companies to choose from. The difficulty you face is finding the correct company for your needs. Most people, no matter who they are, are looking for  better value.

Unfortunately cheapest is not always the best value. Many people assume that by selecting the cheapest deal available they will be getting best value.

There are many things to consider when renting a car, which include conditions attached to the rental. There may be cancellation charges and these can be vary. Rental companies will have a damage excess. The cost of this can vary, and causes more confusion than any other aspect of car rental.

Within this blog I intend to give you the benefit of my experience of dealing with car rental using various car rental companies over a period of eight years.