Alamo’s Terms and Conditions

November 22, 2008

United Kingdom January 2009 – National Car Rental / Alamo Rent a Car

Additional driver charge is GBP 6.37 per day + vat per additional driver. There is no maximum charge.
Additional drivers must be over 21. All additional drivers must meet the age and license requirements set out below.

Minimum rental age is 21 years for car groups: MCMN & ECMN, 23 years for car groups: CCMR, CDMR, IDMR, CCAR, IVMR, IWMR & CWMR, and 25 years for car groups: SDMR, SDAR, FCAR, FVAR & FWAR. Please note: The minimum age is 25 years for all cars at the Wigan branch (XWIC01/71).
A young drivers surcharge applies as follows: 21 – 22 years = GBP 14.00 + VAT per day. 23 – 24 years = GBP 9.95 + VAT per day.
There is no upper age limit except Pembroke and Carmarthen and the Isle of Man where the age limit is 75 years. Plymouth, Exeter, Newquay and Taunton, the upper age limit is 70 years.

Vehicle must be returned in the same condition as when rented, normal wear & tear excepted. The customer is responsible for the cost of any new damage found at rental termination up to the amount of their damage excess liability.

Vehicles may be taken abroad but renters will be required to purchase breakdown cover at a cost of GBP 59.99 including VAT (This applies to vehicles going to the Republic of Ireland also). Written permission is required to take any vehicle outside of the UK. This should be obtained from the renting branch at commencement of rental. Countries which you are allowed to travel to are:
All EU countries, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Gibraltar, Andorra, and San Marino.
Cars may not be driven into any outside those listed above.

Drivers must have held a full national licence for at least 1 year. Visitors to the UK – All visitors to the UK must present a full valid license. Licences issued overseas must be clearly identifiable as a driving licence, otherwise an International Driving Licence will be required. A Passport must also be produced if not a UK resident.
UK residents who hold the new photo card licence must also present the paper counterpart at the start of the rental. Endorsements are only shown on the paper counterpart so customers MUST produce both documents. Holders of the old style Uk paper licence must also provide an additional form of photographic ID in the form of a Full Valid Passport, Armed Forces ID Card or a Police Warrant Card, no other form of idenification will be accepted. UK residents that hold a non-EU licence may drive in the UK for up to 12 months from the time you become resident. After 12 months your overseas licence will be deemed illegal in the UK and it must be exchanged for the UK equivalent. UK residents that hold a non-UK EU licence, your License is valid until the age of 70 or for 3 years after becoming a UK resident – whichever is longest. A renter holding a non-UK licence must produce a full valid passport at time of rental. Holders of any licence that does not show the current address must also produce proof of current address in the form of a Current Credit Finance Agreement, Current Utilities Bill, or Current Bank Statement.

Domestic Retail One way rentals made in the U.K. are allowable. All consumer one way rental reservations for both Alamo and National will carry a one-way charge, which will be dependant on the distance travelled. One- ways between Mainland U.K. and Northern Ireland are not permitted. One-ways are not permitted between the Mainland U.K. and the Republic of Ireland. One-ways between the Northern Ireland locations are free of charge. One-way rentals are permitted from any Northern Ireland location to the following locations in the Republic of Ireland:- to Dublin = £100.00 + VAT. To: Cork, Knock and Shannon = £300.00 + VAT.
International one-ways are NOT permitted

All Out of Hours reservations are on request and only available at In-terminal airport locations at a charge of GBP 30.00 plus VAT. There is no Out of Hours service available at downtown locations, who will only accept bookings for during office working hours. Out of hour returns are allowed at some locations (please refer to the additional information in the locations section of Visionnet). Where a vehicle is returned outside office hours, the branch should confirm at pick-up the procedure for returning the vehicle out of hours and the location of the key return box. All customers must be advised that they remain liable for vehicle damage until the vehicle is checked in on the next working day. Please note that when returning out of hours at Marble Arch additional charges may apply (see location information for details).

National Charge cards, all major Credit cards and debit cards (including Maestro) and Cash payments permitted on all car groups, except executive cars (FXAR & SSAR). Cash is not accepted at the following locations: Norwich Airport, Humberside Airport, Doncaster Robin Hood Airport, Durham Tees Valley Airport & London City Airport. All locations (excluding Norwich Airport, Humberside Airport, Doncaster Robin Hood Airport, Durham Tees Valley Airport & London City Airport) within normal working hours will accept cash deposits providing the customer is a walk in. Travellers Cheques are acceptable in £ sterling only. Customers will be charged for loss of vehicle keys @ £85.00.
PLEASE NOTE: Renters will be asked for the following deposits: 1) The estimated cost of the rental 2) The fuel deposit £70.00 3) The DLW/TLW deductible/excess – £550.00 or £1000 if DLW/TLW are declined. Cash renters resident in the U.K. will be subject to a credit check by Equifax, and must provide either a NEW style driving licence complete with counterpart or an OLD style licence plus a full valid Passport. Non-UK resident Inbound renters paying by cash will need to produce their passport, dated return flight ticket and full driving licence that meets the criteria set out in the Licence requirements section. Cash renters cannot expect to receive a refund of their deposits in cash. The refund will probably take the form of a Sterling cheque which will posted to their home address.

All vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel and it is the customer’s responsibility to return the vehicle full or pay for any missing fuel at the end of rental. On rentals of 3 days or longer we recommend that you add the cost of a full tank of fuel to our rental charges at time of pick up. This method eliminates the need for you to refuel the tank prior to returning. The fuel amount charged at time of rental will be based on a market competitive price and the car model rented. We are unable to issue a refund for unused fuel. A fuel deposit will not be required for rentals of 3 days or longer. For rentals of 1 to 2 days a fuel purchase option is available. Ask for further details when picking up your vehicle.

In case of breakdown or accidents, emergency telephone numbers can be found on the vehicle tax disc and key fob. Cover is provided through either the AA or RAC, dependent on the vehicle manufacturer. Customers should call the emergency number shown on their vehicle. Coverage is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

GPS units are available at a cost of £8.50 + VAT per day for 1 – 6 days and £4.25 + VAT per day for 7+ days. A £150.00 deposit is required. GPS is available from all locations.
Child/Infant seats (suitable for ages 9 months to 4 years old) are available for a charge of £5.95 plus VAT per day, with a maximum charge of £41.64 plus VAT per rental. The child seat is the Britax Freeway child seat, it is forward facing and approved to British Standards. A security deposit of £50.00 is required for each seat, which will be refunded to the renter upon return of the child- check-in. Child seats are on request only and availability cannot be guaranteed. Customers will be required to fit the child seat themselves.
Booster cushions are also available on request upon arrival for £2.12 plus VAT per day, with a maximum charge of £14.83 plus VAT per rental. Booster cushions cannot be pre-booked.
This country does not provide reflective jackets and is not required by law to do so.


Avis says discarding car hire is a false economy

November 13, 2008

Fleets don’t need to discard car rental to reduce their cost base in a recession, instead they need to use it in a more considered fashion, says Avis Rent a Car. The car rental company’s new Sales Director, Anthony Ainsworth, has come up with some sound advice for businesses on how to utilise car rental to reduce costs and keep drivers safe and mobile.

Ainsworth, who has brought with him 20 years of experience in the leisure and consumer industries, is currently assisting fleet customers in adopting a more structured corporate rental policy which takes into account the current rising vehicle management costs.

Avis provides pool cars for a number of its corporate customers. This effectively means a company has a vehicle on site constantly and users can car share, with this option Avis can deliver a 25-30% cost saving to a business.

“There are a lot of businesses requiring one day rentals, this is not cost effective for them and unappealing to the rental industry due to the downtime on vehicles and handling costs. In the past we have introduced a pool car option to a client instead, bringing down overall costs to that business,” says Ainsworth.

“Flexibility is key and Avis is helping fleets view things differently. Using rental in a more considered fashion will save costs without compromising employee safety or comfort.”

In addition, a bespoke and structured corporate rental policy ensures drivers rent cars that are suitable for their individual journeys and reduces cost into the bargain. Avis is also able to identify rentals with extremely low mileage, and would recommend an alternative form of transport, for example train or taxi as these could prove to be more cost effective.

Flexibility is particularly paramount for those businesses with new employees who are on probation for three months, or who have a relatively high turnover of staff. In the probation period, rental can avoid the costly early termination charges associated with ending a contract hire agreement if an employee doesn’t work out.

Congestion charging, parking and speeding fines and refuelling can also cause car rental companies headaches and add to fleet rental costs, as Avis has to pass administration costs onto its clients.

Damage charging is also another key problem area, with around 4% of cars returned with some form of damage, at an average cost of around £350. Avis is working hard with customers to educate their drivers as to the importance of looking after their rental vehicle, just as they would their own car.

All these issues can be proactively managed by Avis with its customers and changing driver behaviour is key to keeping these costs down. Drivers have to be more accountable for their rental vehicles.

It is also worth reminding drivers that a rental period is 24 hours. It may well be more cost effective if time is managed correctly, for example finishing a rental at 1700hrs rather than 0800hrs the following day. Out of office hours deliveries can also mean additional costs. Avis works with customers to amend rental bookings to provide a convenient service while making sure timings are really necessary and thus, bringing down costs.

Bespoke insurance
Insurance is also an area where drivers can be guilty of spending more money than they have to. Companies could save up to £70 per week per driver just by ensuring insurance levels are preset. Avis’ bespoke and tailor-made corporate packages mean the choice of insurance is already made for the driver and the company can rest assured they are correctly insured without increasing rental costs.

In fact, by operating its unique customer reporting suite, bespoke to each client, Avis is able to offer businesses a controlled international agreement that consolidates total rental spend worldwide.

“The Avis corporate team are experts in offering bespoke packages to all our clients however big or small and we pride ourselves on the advice and expertise we can offer,” concludes Ainsworth.

“The rental industry provides a very attractive proposition at this time and I would urge fleet managers to think outside the box about their requirements. It may well be that budget restrictions put limits on fleet resources – this is an area in which car rental can make real financial sense.”

Information on Car Hire UK

October 26, 2008


Welcome to the new WordPress blog on Car Hire UK. Hopefully it will be useful to you.

We have been operating in the car rental’ industry for about eight years. During that time we have gained a great deal of expertise which am I happy to pass on to you.

There are a large number of car rental companies operating in the UK. Whether you are renting from an airport or from a city location you will be faced with a great number of car rental companies to choose from. The difficulty you face is finding the correct company for your needs. Most people, no matter who they are, are looking for  better value.

Unfortunately cheapest is not always the best value. Many people assume that by selecting the cheapest deal available they will be getting best value.

There are many things to consider when renting a car, which include conditions attached to the rental. There may be cancellation charges and these can be vary. Rental companies will have a damage excess. The cost of this can vary, and causes more confusion than any other aspect of car rental.

Within this blog I intend to give you the benefit of my experience of dealing with car rental using various car rental companies over a period of eight years.